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FUJI XEROX A4 Performer 80gsm PEFC BUSINESS WHITE Paper 500 sheets per ream premium qualityPrice on Availability
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Part #: PAPFUJ1137019|MFC: 003R90649|UPC: 5017534906499
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Fuji Xerox Printers Multifunctional BUSINESS WHITE PAPER A4 80GSM 500 Sheets per Ream  White

Bright white paper with consistent performance for everyday use
High quality for dependable reliability
An even surface on both sides making it ideal for double-sided printing and copying
Guaranteed for use on all mono office printing applications
Ream wrapped

Packaging: 500 sheets per ream 5 reams per carton 300 reams per pallet

we will discount price for buying this in pallets please contact our wholesale team if you are buying them in bulk.

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