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i purchased the samsung galaxy s4 mini and wow ...
26 Feb 2015
very good service received from Nathan at the Hamilton store. Went in for a replacement laptop battery, and got the item quick as, no fuss. Thanks very much
22 Feb 2015
Very efficient communication and handling of my computer. The crew assembled it and delivered it at what seemed like record times. Computer is amazing and scored an amazing deal, thank you!
18 Feb 2015
I purchased a Webcam a couple of weeks ago. The order was done in the afternoon from Tauranga and the goods arrived two days later in the morning. That was impressive because it is a rural residential are and normally takes an extra day's...
18 Feb 2015
Thank YOU! Your service was outstanding, the scanner is awesome, I'm a very happy customer! Will definitely recommend and use you guys again
05 Feb 2015
reading through some of the testimonials I'm adding a big thumbs up for PB Tech. I've been to Queen Street, Penrose and Henderson stores. I have experienced helpful and friendly service from all of them. The staff seemed genuinely...
20 Jan 2015
I had ordered a desktop, monitor and other stuff during the Boxing Day sale. It took a very long time for the Web team to process (nearly 2 weeks) and I was getting a bit anxious. So I got in contact with Xing Loh and he processed my order so quick...
15 Jan 2015
Still the best for well priced tech gear, and a returns policy that is generous and fair. I've been buying all my gear from them for about 8 years.
03 Jan 2015
Hi, My mum and I came in and purchased a range of products from the Henderson store yesterday. We were served by Sonya. I wanted to say that I was beyond impressed by Sonya. She was helpful, informative and funny. I have never been so impressed by...
22 Dec 2014
I've been to the north shore branch this afternoon to get help with a power cable for my laptop, first I asked one of the staff and he pointed me toward service department.. in service I death with Mason and Alex, very helpful to see that they...
10 Dec 2014
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NetComm NP508 500Mbps...
NetComm NP508 500Mbps Powerline Kit with Dual Band WiFi
RRP: $199.13RRP: $229.00

 inc GST

Stock: 30+
Part #: NETNCM0508
Netcomm NP507 600Mbps...
Netcomm NP507 600Mbps Powerline Kit with Gigabit Ethernet
RRP: $199.13RRP: $229.00

 inc GST

Stock: 30+
Part #: NETNCM0507
Netcomm NP505 Powerline...
Netcomm NP505 Powerline 500Mbps AC Pass-through Twin Pack - 2 LAN ports
RRP: $146.96RRP: $169.00

 inc GST

Stock: 14
Part #: NETNCM0505

Part # 
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NETNCM0115NetComm CAL-ANT-0001 Antenna Right Angle (Black) 3G 850MHz (2dBi/ SMA-M/ knuckle joint)010   $27.00  +GST
 $31.05  inc GST
NETNCM0116NetComm CAL-ANT-0002 Antenna Right Angle (Gray) 3G 2100MHz (2dBi/ SMA-M/ knuckle joint)010   $27.00  +GST
 $31.05  inc GST
NETNCM0020NetComm ANT-0020 Antenna GPS Active Patch (27dB LNA/3m cable/SMA-M/magnetic mount)011   $33.00  +GST
 $37.95  inc GST
NETNCM0730NetComm NP730 Cable for high gain antennae - N-Type Male0  $52.00  +GST
 $59.80  inc GST
NETNCM0109NetComm NP920 N600 Dual Band WiFi USB Adapter1  $48.00  +GST
 $55.20  inc GST
NETNCM0108NetComm NP930 AC Dual Band WiFi USB Adapter010   $76.00  +GST
 $87.40  inc GST
NETNCM0117NetComm CAL-ANT-0003 Antenna CD1255 (824-896MHz/ 3.0dB/ 5m cable/ SMA-M/ stud mount/ nut assembly)010   $78.00  +GST
 $89.70  inc GST
NETNCM0920NetComm NP920n Dual Band WiFi USB Adapter0  $81.00  +GST
 $93.15  inc GST
NETNCM0126NetComm NP126 N600 Concurrent Dual Band WiFi Extender &access poin Two devices in one1717   $84.00  +GST
 $96.60  inc GST
NETNCM0207NetComm NP207 kit of 2 units 200Mbps Powerline Adapters with AC Pass-through1210   $95.00  +GST
 $109.25  inc GST
NETNCM0726NetComm NP726 Outdoor Wireless Access Point1  $79.00  +GST
 $90.85  inc GST
NETNCM0118NetComm CAL-ANT-0004 Antenna CD1250 (824-896MHz/ 5.0dB/ 5m cable/ SMA-M/ stud mount/ nut assembly)010   $102.00  +GST
 $117.30  inc GST
NETNCM0007Netcomm NF7 N300 Fibre WiFi Gigabit Router027   $106.00  +GST
 $121.90  inc GST
NETNCM0505Netcomm NP505 Powerline 500Mbps AC Pass-through Twin Pack - 2 LAN ports1410   $108.00  +GST
 $124.20  inc GST
NETNCM0006NETCOMM 4GM3W AC Dual Band WiFi Router - USB 4G/3G, 1 x Gigabit WAN/LAN, pocket size123   $108.69  +GST
 $124.99  inc GST
NETNCM0511Netcomm NP511 500Mbps Powerline Kit with AC Pass-through010   $118.00  +GST
 $135.70  inc GST
NETNCM0005NETCOMM N3G005W 3G HSDPA Wi-Fi 54Mbps Wi-Fi Wireless Router for Vodafone and Telecom XT Network030+   $120.00  +GST
 $138.00  inc GST
NETNCM0026NetComm ANT-0026 Antenna Omni 4G/3G (698-960,1710-2700MHz/2dBi/SMA-M/5m cable/wall or pole mount/IP66)010   $144.00  +GST
 $165.60  inc GST
NETNCM0507Netcomm NP507 600Mbps Powerline Kit with Gigabit Ethernet30+16   $138.00  +GST
 $158.70  inc GST
NETNCM0508NetComm NP508 500Mbps Powerline Kit with Dual Band WiFi30+15   $145.00  +GST
 $166.75  inc GST
NETNCM0119NetComm CAL-ANT-0005 Antenna COL2195 Kit (6.5dBi 824-960MHz/ 3dBi 1710-2170MHz / 10m cable / SMA-M)010   $190.00  +GST
 $218.50  inc GST
NETNCM0113NetComm NTC-3000-02 Industrial 3G M2M Serial Modem (900/2100)010   $191.00  +GST
 $219.65  inc GST
NETNCM0114NetComm NTC-3000-03 Industrial 3G M2M Serial Modem (850/2100)010   $191.00  +GST
 $219.65  inc GST
NETNCM0120NetComm CAL-ANT-0006 Antenna COL2199 Kit (9.0dBi 824-960MHz/ 3dBi 1710-2170MHz/ 10m cable / SMA-M)010   $237.00  +GST
 $272.55  inc GST
NETNCM4908Netcomm NTC-4908 Industrial 3G M2M Router010   $275.00  +GST
 $316.25  inc GST
NETNCM0025NetComm ANT-0025 Antenna Low Profile MiMo LTE/WiFi/GPS (698-960,1700-2700MHz/5 x 5m cables/panel mount)010   $351.00  +GST
 $403.65  inc GST
NETNCM0110NetComm IG6000 Industrial Grade 33.6k Serial Modem010   $478.00  +GST
 $549.70  inc GST
NETNCM6908NetComm NTC-6908 Industrial 3G Cellular Router supports Telecom XT012   $513.00  +GST
 $589.95  inc GST
NETNCM1201Netcomm AG1200 Networkable Thermal Printer for HS1200N WiFi Hotspot010   $515.00  +GST
 $592.25  inc GST
NETNCM0112NetComm NTC-40WV Industrial 3G HSPA+ WiFi Router with voice (850/900/2100)010   $566.00  +GST
 $650.90  inc GST
NETNCM0731NetComm NP731 outdoor access point010   $624.00  +GST
 $717.60  inc GST
NETNCM0009NetComm NTC-140W-02 Industrial 4G WiFi Router (2m DC power cable included, PSU-0039 Power Plug Adapter available separately)017   $634.00  +GST
 $729.10  inc GST
NETNCM0008NetComm Industrial 3G Multiport WiFi Router (3m DC power cable included, PSU-0039 Power Plug Adapter available separately)010   $682.00  +GST
 $784.30  inc GST
NETNCM1200NetComm HS1200N Wireless N Hotspot110   $821.00  +GST
 $944.15  inc GST
NETNCM6200NetCommNTC-6200-02 3G M2M Router Plus0  $939.00  +GST
 $1,079.85  inc GST
NETNCM1030NETCOMM NTC-30WV Outdoor HSPA+ WiFi Router0  $953.00  +GST
 $1,095.95  inc GST
NETNCM0111NetComm NTC-30WV-02 Marine 3G WiFi Router with voice (850/900/2100)0  $1190.00  +GST
 $1,368.50  inc GST
NETNCM1202Netcomm HS1200NPAK Wireless N Hotspot & Network Ticket Generator AG1200N010   $1245.00  +GST
 $1,431.75  inc GST

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