excellent fast service each time !
28 Oct 2014
I have had the great pleasure of dealing with John Edwin for many years. Until my retirement I taught computing to beginners, usually folk who had obtained the first PC and needed help getting started. Over the years many approached me for help with...
21 Oct 2014
Hi Xing, Thanks for your quick and professional service. Will definitely come back to you for more purchases.
16 Oct 2014
Incredibly helpful online and phone customer service. Fast and well packaged delivery. Put an order in Monday night, processed Tuesday, and arrived early Wednesday morning even in a rural town. Thanks guys. Well done Matthew!
15 Oct 2014
HI, The Live chat was a big help. I got ut through to one of the admins that happened to be Matthew Chang. He helped answer my question about my product i just purchased and when i am able to get it. He confirmed that my product was being shipped the...
10 Oct 2014
thanks for answering my annoying questions with patience! it was a pleasure communicating with you Felix! :)
09 Oct 2014
Just wanted to say my grandson loves his new computer, It was built to the specs we gave, and wish I had of found PB Tech and Mr Xing Loh sooner. Communication was prompt and I would recommend their services to anyone.
04 Oct 2014
Hi Xing Thanks again for your prompt service very impressive and very happy Cheers Cambel
02 Oct 2014
Thanks to Matthew Chang for quick responsive e-mails! Great service, most recommended!
12 Sep 2014
Just wanted to leave a glowing testimonial for the web guys at PB Tech, especially Matthew Chang. He patiently and professionally answered all my questions (even the stupid ones). After a bit of miscommunication on my part, I received my new computer...
04 Sep 2014
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Blazer Pro 1000VA/600W...
Blazer Pro 1000VA/600W Line Interactive UPS , LCD Screen , 12V/7Ah battery , 3 AC Output ( 2 Years...
RRP: $199.00RRP: $228.85

 inc GST

Stock: 10+
Part #: UPSBLZ21000
CyberPower BR650ELCD...
CyberPower BR650ELCD 650VA/390W Line Interactive UPS with LCD Display (Tower) UPS , Horizontal /...
RRP: $199.00RRP: $228.85

 inc GST

Stock: 10+
Part #: UPSCPR10650
Blazer Pro 600VA/360W...
Blazer Pro 600VA/360W Line Interactive UPS , LCD Screen , 12V/7Ah battery , 2 AC Output ( 2 Years...
RRP: $134.00RRP: $154.10

 inc GST

Stock: 10+
Part #: UPSBLZ20600

Part # 
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UPSTRP1005Tripplite LR2000 2000 Watt Line Conditioner0  $393.00  +GST
 $451.95  inc GST
UPSTRP1004Tripplite LR1000 1000 Watt Line Conditioner0  $283.00  +GST
 $325.45  inc GST
UPSTRP1002Tripplite SMX-1000LCD Smart LCD 1000VA Tower Line-Interactive 230V UPS with LCD0  $399.00  +GST
 $458.85  inc GST
UPSTRP1001Tripplite AVRX750U Internet AVR 230VAC, 750VA UPS0  $273.00  +GST
 $313.95  inc GST
UPSSTC1006Soltec AHA-303HR 3KVA Pure Sine wave Rackmount UPS with external battery bank 96VDC0  $1264.00  +GST
 $1,453.60  inc GST
UPSSTC1005Soltec AHA-303H 3KVA Pure Sine wave Tower UPS0  $1072.00  +GST
 $1,232.80  inc GST
UPSSTC1004Soltec AHA-203HR 2KVA Pure Sine wave Rackmount UPS with external battery bank 96VDC0  $1077.00  +GST
 $1,238.55  inc GST
UPSSTC1003Soltec AHA-203H 2KVA Pure Sine wave Tower UPS0  $891.00  +GST
 $1,024.65  inc GST
UPSSTC1002Soltec AHA-103HR 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Rackmount UPS0  $512.00  +GST
 $588.80  inc GST
UPSSTC1001Soltec AHA-103H 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Tower UPS0  $512.00  +GST
 $588.80  inc GST
UPSPWR8560Eaton 1500VA/1350W Line Interactive UPS, 2RU, True Sine Wave Output. Rack rail kit included. 2 year0  $1264.00  +GST
 $1,453.60  inc GST
UPSPWR8403Eaton EX EXi3000R-XL2U 3000VA / 2700W On-Line UPS RT2U (Tower / Rack 2U)0  $3170.00  +GST
 $3,645.50  inc GST
UPSPWR8401Eaton EX EXi2200R-XL2U 2200VA / 1980W On-Line UPS RT2U (Tower / Rack 2U)0  $2259.00  +GST
 $2,597.85  inc GST
UPSPWR8184Eaton EX EXi1500R-XL2U 1500VA / 1350W On-Line UPS RT2U (Tower / Rack 2U)0  $1784.00  +GST
 $2,051.60  inc GST
UPSPWR64274Eaton 5SC Tower UPS 1500VA / 1050W0  $851.00  +GST
 $978.65  inc GST
UPSPWR62686EATON 9SX 5KVA/4KW Rack/Tower UPS Online, 3RU, USB & RS232 serial ports. Serial, USB cables & Rail Kit Included. 2 year warranty0  $4995.00  +GST
 $5,744.25  inc GST
UPSPWR62679EATON 5S 850VA/510W Tower UPS Line Interactive.010+   $222.00  +GST
 $255.30  inc GST
UPSPWR62676EATON 5S 700VA/420W Tower UPS Line Interactive.010+   $181.00  +GST
 $208.15  inc GST
UPSPWR62675EATON 5S 550VA/330W Tower UPS Line Interactive.0  $156.00  +GST
 $179.40  inc GST
UPSPWR62674EATON 5S 1600VA/1000W Tower UPS Line Interactive.0  $429.00  +GST
 $493.35  inc GST
UPSPWR62673EATON 5S 1200VA/750W Tower UPS Line Interactive.010+   $323.00  +GST
 $371.45  inc GST
UPSPWR62671EATON 5PX Extended Battery Pack 1500VA 2200VA 2U Rack Mount0  $889.00  +GST
 $1,022.35  inc GST
UPSPWR62668EATON 5P 850VA / 600W 1U UPS Rackmount with LCD0  $740.00  +GST
 $851.00  inc GST
UPSPWR62667EATON 5P 1550VA / 1100W 1U UPS Rackmount with LCD0  $1142.00  +GST
 $1,313.30  inc GST
UPSPWR62666EATON 5P 1150VA / 770W 1U UPS Rackmount with LCD0  $953.00  +GST
 $1,095.95  inc GST
UPSPWR62665Eaton 5P Rack UPS 650VA / 420W010   $568.00  +GST
 $653.20  inc GST
UPSPWR62664Eaton 5P Tower UPS 1550VA / 1100W0  $1042.00  +GST
 $1,198.30  inc GST
UPSPWR62663Eaton 5P Tower UPS 1150VA / 770W0  $797.00  +GST
 $916.55  inc GST
UPSPWR62662Eaton 5P Tower UPS 850VA / 600W0  $608.00  +GST
 $699.20  inc GST
UPSPWR62661Eaton 5P Tower UPS 650VA / 420W010   $467.00  +GST
 $537.05  inc GST
UPSPWR54024Eaton 9130 Tower UPS 700VA / 630W0  $1234.00  +GST
 $1,419.10  inc GST
UPSPWR3012POWERWARE 9130G1000T-XLAU True on-line UPS0  $1580.00  +GST
 $1,817.00  inc GST
UPSPWR2555988Eaton 5E UPS 1100VA/660W 3 x ANZ OUTLETS010+   $223.00  +GST
 $256.45  inc GST
UPSPWR2555987Eaton 5E UPS 650VA/360W 2 x ANZ OUTLETS010+   $114.00  +GST
 $131.10  inc GST
UPSPWR2555978Eaton 5E UPS 850VA/480W 2 x ANZ OUTLETS0  $137.00  +GST
 $157.55  inc GST
UPSPWR2355357Eaton 5PX 2200VA/1980W 2U Rack/Tower UPS0  $1912.00  +GST
 $2,198.80  inc GST
UPSPWR1967291EATON NETWORK-MS SNMP Card010+   $286.00  +GST
 $328.90  inc GST
UPSPWR1689563EATON 5PX3000IRT2UAU 5PX 3000VA2700W 2U RckTwr UPS0  $2559.00  +GST
 $2,942.85  inc GST
UPSPWR1689562EATON 5PX2000IRT 5PX 2000VA1800W 2U RckTwr UPS0  $1502.00  +GST
 $1,727.30  inc GST
UPSPWR1515684EATON PW9130G3000T-XLAU 9130 3000VA2700W On Line Tower UPS0  $3784.00  +GST
 $4,351.60  inc GST
UPSPWR1515683EATON PW9130G3000R-XL2UAU 9130 3000VA 2700W On Line Rack UPS0  $3339.00  +GST
 $3,839.85  inc GST
UPSPWR1515680EATON 9130 2000VA 1800W On Line Rack UPS0  $2356.00  +GST
 $2,709.40  inc GST
UPSPWR1515679EATON PW9130G1500T-XLAU 9130 1500VA1350W On Line Tower UPS0  $1979.00  +GST
 $2,275.85  inc GST
UPSPWR1515678EATON PW9130G1500R-XL2UAU 9130 1500VA 1350W On Line Rack UPS0  $1872.00  +GST
 $2,152.80  inc GST
UPSPWR1515677EATON PW9130G1000T-XLAU 9130 1000VA900W On Line Tower UPS0  $1542.00  +GST
 $1,773.30  inc GST
UPSPWR1515676EATON PW9130G1000R-XL2UAU 9130 1000VA 900W On Line Rack UPS0  $1551.00  +GST
 $1,783.65  inc GST
UPSPWR1515337EATON 3S700AU 700VA 420W Standby Powerboard UPS010+   $152.00  +GST
 $174.80  inc GST
UPSPWR1515336EATON 3S550AU 550VA 300W Standby Powerboard UPS010+   $127.00  +GST
 $146.05  inc GST

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