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DYNAMIX UPS650A 650VA 390W Line Interactive UPS Incorporates 2 x NZ Power Sockets. Smart Software,...
RRP: $139.00RRP: $159.85

 inc GST

Stock: 10+
Part #: UPSDNX1651
DYNAMIX UPS1000A 1000VA...
DYNAMIX UPS1000A 1000VA 600W Line Interactive UPS Incorporates 4 x NZ Power Sockets, Smart Software ...
RRP: $210.00RRP: $241.50

 inc GST

Stock: 10+
Part #: UPSDNX1010
Blazer II 650VA/360W Line...
Blazer II 650VA/360W Line Interactive UPS , 12V/7Ah battery , 4 IEC Output ( 2 Years warranty )
RRP: $107.00RRP: $123.05

 inc GST

Stock: 10+
Part #: UPSBLZ00650

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UPSTRP1002Tripplite SMX-1000LCD Smart LCD 1000VA Tower Line-Interactive 230V UPS with LCD0  $399.00  +GST
 $458.85  inc GST
UPSTRP1005Tripplite LR2000 2000 Watt Line Conditioner0  $393.00  +GST
 $451.95  inc GST
UPSTRP1004Tripplite LR1000 1000 Watt Line Conditioner0  $283.00  +GST
 $325.45  inc GST
UPSTRP1003Tripplite B015-000 USB to PS/2 Adapter010+   $31.00  +GST
 $35.65  inc GST
UPSTRP1001Tripplite AVRX750U Internet AVR 230VAC, 750VA UPS0  $273.00  +GST
 $313.95  inc GST
UPSSTC1007Soltec AHA-603H 6KVA Pure Sine wave Tower UPS0  $3675.00  +GST
 $4,226.25  inc GST
UPSSTC1006Soltec AHA-303HR 3KVA Pure Sine wave Rackmount UPS with external battery bank 96VDC0  $1264.00  +GST
 $1,453.60  inc GST
UPSSTC1005Soltec AHA-303H 3KVA Pure Sine wave Tower UPS0  $1072.00  +GST
 $1,232.80  inc GST
UPSSTC1004Soltec AHA-203HR 2KVA Pure Sine wave Rackmount UPS with external battery bank 96VDC0  $1077.00  +GST
 $1,238.55  inc GST
UPSSTC1003Soltec AHA-203H 2KVA Pure Sine wave Tower UPS0  $891.00  +GST
 $1,024.65  inc GST
UPSSTC1008Soltec AHA-104H 10KVA Pure Sine wave Tower UPS0  $4241.00  +GST
 $4,877.15  inc GST
UPSSTC1002Soltec AHA-103HR 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Rackmount UPS0  $512.00  +GST
 $588.80  inc GST
UPSSTC1001Soltec AHA-103H 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Tower UPS0  $512.00  +GST
 $588.80  inc GST
UPSKST3150Kstar BM3150 Line Interactive UPS 1500VA High Frequency CPU Control via USB Port0  $206.00  +GST
 $236.90  inc GST
UPSKST3120Kstar BM3120 Line Interactive UPS 1200VA High Frequency CPU Control via USB Port0  $158.00  +GST
 $181.70  inc GST
UPSIBM1819943IBM 53962KX IBM 1500VA LCD Tower UPS (230V)010+   $590.00  +GST
 $678.50  inc GST
UPSHSV0497HP T1500 G3 Line-interactive UPS - 1.40 kVA/950 W - 0.08 Hour Full Load - 6 x IEC 60320 C14110+   $747.00  +GST
 $859.05  inc GST
UPSHSV1006446HP T1000 G3 1000VA 220V 230V 240V INTL Tower UPS Uninterruptible Power System0  $632.00  +GST
 $726.80  inc GST
UPSHSV1693444HP R/T3000 G2 Dual Conversion Online UPS - 3.30 kVA/3 kW - 2UTower/Rack Mountable - 0.07 Hour Full Load - 2 x IEC 60320 C19, 6 x IEC 60320 C130  $2551.00  +GST
 $2,933.65  inc GST
UPSHSV1041507HP AF569A 2.5m C13 AU/NZ PWR Cord AF569A0  $93.00  +GST
 $106.95  inc GST
UPSHSV0301HP AF471A R1.5KVA G3 UPS 1U INT Kit0  $1496.00  +GST
 $1,720.40  inc GST
UPSHSV9166HP AF465A UPS Network Module MINI-SLOT Kit0  $443.00  +GST
 $509.45  inc GST
UPSHSV1020185HP AF447A G2 T750 Intl UPS --promotional pricing is available until the 28th of February 20140  $487.00  +GST
 $560.05  inc GST
UPSEMP0654Emerson Liebert UPS PowerSure III PSA650 VA Inline010+   $116.00  +GST
 $133.40  inc GST
UPSEMP0660Emerson Liebert UPS PowerSure III 1000 VA Inline010+   $206.00  +GST
 $236.90  inc GST
UPSEMP3000Emerson Liebert UPS GXT3-3000RT-230 On Line UPS 3kVA w/ Bypas,010   $3579.00  +GST
 $4,115.85  inc GST
UPSEMP1009Emerson Liebert UPS GXT3-2000RT-230 On Line UPS 2kVA0  $2437.00  +GST
 $2,802.55  inc GST
UPSEMP1008Emerson Liebert UPS GXT3-1500RT-230 On Line UPS 1.5kVA010+   $1843.00  +GST
 $2,119.45  inc GST
UPSEMP1015Emerson Liebert UPS GXT3-10000RT 10kVA On Line Rack/Tower with Bypass0  $6868.00  +GST
 $7,898.20  inc GST
UPSEMP0652Emerson Liebert RailSlides for GXT2U and GXT3 UPS010+   $128.00  +GST
 $147.20  inc GST
UPSEMP1002Emerson Liebert PS1000RT3 PowerSure Interactive 1000VA Rack/Tower Sine Wave0  $945.00  +GST
 $1,086.75  inc GST
UPSEMP0663Emerson Liebert MP2-210K ByPass Switch for GXT3-700/1000/15000  $551.00  +GST
 $633.65  inc GST
UPSEMP0653Emerson Liebert Inteleslot Contact Closure Relay Card0  $143.00  +GST
 $164.45  inc GST
UPSEMP1006Emerson Liebert GXT3-72VBATT Extended Run Time Battery Pack for GXT3-30000  $1315.00  +GST
 $1,512.25  inc GST
UPSEMP1003Emerson Liebert GXT3-48VBATT Extended Run Time Battery Pack for up to 2000VA0  $972.00  +GST
 $1,117.80  inc GST
UPSEMP1010Emerson Liebert Battery Pack GXT3-240VBATT Battery Pack for GXT3-6000/50000  $2405.00  +GST
 $2,765.75  inc GST
UPSEMP1012Emerson Liebert Battery Pack GXT3-240TBATTce Battery Pack for GXT3-10000T0  $4746.00  +GST
 $5,457.90  inc GST
UPSEMP1011Emerson Liebert Battery Pack GXT3-240RTVBATT Battery Pack for GXT3-10000RT0  $2587.00  +GST
 $2,975.05  inc GST
UPSEMP0650Emerson Liebert 650VA Mini Tower Standby UPS - 3 battery backup outlets/1 surge outlet/RJ45 protection. Shutdown via Windows OS.0  $108.00  +GST
 $124.20  inc GST
UPSEMP1500Emerson 1500VA Mini Tower Line Interactive UPS - 6 battery backup outlets/2 surge outlets/RJ45 protection and Windows shutdown software0  $274.00  +GST
 $315.10  inc GST
UPSEMP1001Emerson 1000VA Double Conversion True On-line UPS - Rack Tower w/ Bypass (6 battery backup outlets) External Battery Connector Output PF 0.9010+   $1301.00  +GST
 $1,496.15  inc GST
UPSPWR1224463EATON SSF10I 10A Series Filter IEC 10A input/output0  $205.00  +GST
 $235.75  inc GST
UPSPWR1515683EATON PW9130G3000R-XL2UAU 9130 3000VA 2700W On Line Rack UPS0  $3298.00  +GST
 $3,792.70  inc GST
UPSPWR1515679EATON PW9130G1500T-XLAU 9130 1500VA1350W On Line Tower UPS0  $2002.00  +GST
 $2,302.30  inc GST
UPSPWR1515678EATON PW9130G1500R-XL2UAU 9130 1500VA 1350W On Line Rack UPS0  $1895.00  +GST
 $2,179.25  inc GST
UPSPWR1515677EATON PW9130G1000T-XLAU 9130 1000VA900W On Line Tower UPS0  $1560.00  +GST
 $1,794.00  inc GST
UPSPWR1515676EATON PW9130G1000R-XL2UAU 9130 1000VA 900W On Line Rack UPS0  $1520.00  +GST
 $1,748.00  inc GST
UPSPWR1089404EATON Pulsar M 2200VA 3U RM/TWR UPS0  $2300.00  +GST
 $2,645.00  inc GST

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