Kia ora John Thank you for your assistance today in Henderson. I appreciated your honesty and helpfulness in finalising the sale of the brother printer and inks. Kind regards Raewyn
15 Jul 2014
Oops, submitted prematurely by mistake:) ...
10 Jul 2014
Re: I recently took my precious laptop in for copying everything from my desktop HDDs and USB's. I wish to praise your Tech staff, in particular Monica Walmsley. She handled all my queries with
10 Jul 2014
Fantastic service and follow-up from Xing Loh at PB, and super fast delivery. This on top of a great price ...we are very happy.
24 Jun 2014
A lap top was on "special" yesterday at Harvey Norman Manukau at around $1100. Same laptop at PB Tech = $600.
23 Jun 2014
Recently bought a new Gaming PC from PB Tech, received it today and am extremely happy with it. It has been built very clean with a heap of room and airflow and looks incredible. If I ever need anything computer related again I will be going to PB...
12 Jun 2014
Hi I wanted to take the time to bring your attention to two of your staff who "saved my bacon"! They went over and above my expectations on customer service and care. I had purchased an Acer Lap top at PB North Shore. Within the first couple o...
12 Jun 2014
Hi Brett, Thank You for your mail. The laptop works fine and very good, very good price also. Thank You so much for your service and also the follow up, will recommend it to anyone. Thanks again and kind regards,
12 Jun 2014
So far this ipad is nothing short of amazing.I am 81 now and I despair when I think of the time lost from not having this Apple technology .Well done Brett and the Team at PB Tech for making my new pride and joy affordable, its so fast and with the...
11 Jun 2014
Hi Bok - just wanted to pass on my gratitude for your colleagues assistance yesterday (Edward). He was really excellent; super patient and listened to my woes - and turned out the original mouse was faulty after all. The replacement is bang on and...
05 Jun 2014
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QNAP TS-212 2-Bay NAS...
QNAP TS-212 2-Bay NAS Server,CPU:Marvell 6281 1.2GHz,DDR2 256RAM,1 x Gigabit,3 x USB 2.0 as Home...
RRP: $357.00RRP: $410.55

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Stock: 20+
Part #: ENCQNP2120
D-Link DNS-320L 2TB NAS...
D-Link DNS-320L 2TB NAS Server, Includes 1x2 TB HDD, Cloud Enclosure with mdlink services
RRP: $299.99RRP: $344.99

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Stock: 20+
Part #: NASDLK320L2TB
Seagate 2TB Central...
Seagate 2TB Central Shared Storage -- Organise and access your digital life Back up multiple PCs...
RRP: $199.14RRP: $229.01

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Stock: 20+
Part #: HDDSEA3020

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NASSYN87800SYNOLOGY Surveillance Station VS80 No PC Required with 9 Channels Live-viewing up to 1280x768 resolution11  $373.00  +GST
 $428.95  inc GST
NASSYN87240SYNOLOGY Surveillance Station VS240HD No PC Required4  $765.00  +GST
 $879.75  inc GST
NASSYN36146SYNOLOGY RackStation RS3614xs+0  $7309.00  +GST
 $8,405.35  inc GST
NASSYN36129SYNOLOGY Diskstation DS3612xs Ultra-High performance 12-Bay NAS Server, CPU:Dual Core 3.1GHz, DDR3 2GB, ECC USB 2.0 x 4, Expansion Port x 2, Gigabit x 4, up to 100TB with DX12112 and 3 Years Warranty (NO HDD INCLUDED)0  $3562.00  +GST
 $4,096.30  inc GST
NASSYN34139SYNOLOGY RackStation RS3413xs+0  $6750.00  +GST
 $7,762.50  inc GST
NASSYN24147SYNOLOGY RackStation RS2414RP+ 12-Bay Nas Server1  $3651.30  +GST
 $4,199.00  inc GST
NASSYN24144SYNOLOGY RackStation RS2414+ 12-Bay Nas Server1  $2738.26  +GST
 $3,149.00  inc GST
NASSYN24134SYNOLOGY Diskstation DS2413+ 12-Bay Nas Server,CPU:2.13GHz Duo Core,DDR3 2GB,4X USB2.0,2X USB 3.0,1X expansion port,2X Gigabit,RAID 0,1,5,5+Spare,6&10 w/2 Years Warranty(NO HDD Included)0  $2120.87  +GST
 $2,439.00  inc GST
NASSYN18134SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS1813+ 8-Bays4  $1520.87  +GST
 $1,749.00  inc GST
NASSYN15134SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS1513+ 5-Bay NAS Server,0  $1216.52  +GST
 $1,399.00  inc GST
NASSYN12141SYNOLOGY RX1214 12-Bay Expansion Unit w/ Redundant PSU for RS3614xs+/RS3614(RP)xs/RS3413xs+/RS3412(RP)xs/RS3411(RP)xs/RS2414(RP)+/RS2212(RP)+/RS2211(RP)+0  $3254.79  +GST
 $3,743.01  inc GST
NASSYN12140SYNOLOGY RX1214 12-Bay Expansion Unit for RS3614xs+/RS3614(RP)xs/RS3413xs+/RS3412(RP)xs/RS3411(RP)xs/RS2414(RP)+/RS2212(RP)+/RS2211(RP)+0  $2304.11  +GST
 $2,649.73  inc GST
NASSYN12118SYNOLOGY RX1211RP 12-Bay Expansion Unit for RS3412xs/RS3412RPxs, RS2212+/RS2212RP+ w/3 Years Warranty and Redundant Power Supply (HDD NOT INCLUDED)0  $3059.00  +GST
 $3,517.85  inc GST
NASSYN12110SYNOLOGY DX1211 12-Bay Expansion Unit for DS2411+/DS3612xs w/ 3 Years Warranty (HDD NOT INCLUDED)0  $1885.00  +GST
 $2,167.75  inc GST
NASSYN10613SYNOLOGY RackStation RS10613xs+ Intel Xeon E3 8GB DDR3 ECC 10Bays0  $8900.00  +GST
 $10,235.00  inc GST
NASSYN08147SYNOLOGY RackStation RS814RP+ 4-Bay Rackmounted NAS Server0  $2173.00  +GST
 $2,498.95  inc GST
NASSYN08144SYNOLOGY RackStation RS814+ 4-Bay Rackmounted NAS Server0  $1607.83  +GST
 $1,849.00  inc GST
NASSYN08140SYNOLOGY RackStation RS814 4-Bay NAS Server3  $1049.01  +GST
 $1,206.36  inc GST
NASSYN07134SYNOLOGY Diskstation DS713+12  $755.65  +GST
 $869.00  inc GST
NASSYN05130SYNOLOGY DX513 5-Bay Expansion Unit for DS710+, DS712+, DS1010+, DS1511+, DS1512+ & DS1812+ w/3 Years Warranty(NO HDD Included)2  $919.00  +GST
 $1,056.85  inc GST
NASSYN04154Synology DiskStation DS415play 4-Bay NAS Server0  $690.28  +GST
 $793.82  inc GST
NASSYN04146SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS414slim 4-Bay NAS Server0  $558.00  +GST
 $641.70  inc GST
NASSYN04142B8SYNOLOGY 8TB DiskStation DS414 4-Bay with 4x 2TB Seagate NAS Edition drives - NAS Server, CPU:1.33GHz Dual Core, 1GB DDR3, 1xUSB2.0, 2xUSB 3.0, 2xGigabit, RAID 0,1,5,6,10,JBOD. 2 Years Warranty0  $1280.00  +GST
 $1,472.00  inc GST
NASSYN04142B16SYNOLOGY 16TB DiskStation DS414 4-Bay with 4x 4TB Seagate NAS Edition drives - NAS Server, CPU:1.33GHz Dual Core, 1GB DDR3, 1xUSB2.0, 2x USB3.0, 2xGigabit, RAID 0,1,5,6,10,JBOD. 2 Years Warranty0  $1659.00  +GST
 $1,907.85  inc GST
NASSYN04142SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS414 4-Bay NAS Server8  $738.26  +GST
 $849.00  inc GST
NASSYN04140SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS414j 4-Bay NAS Server20+  $546.90  +GST
 $628.94  inc GST
NASSYN04130SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS413j 4-Bay NAS Server,CPU:1.6GHz,DDR3 512MB,2xUSB 2.0,1xGigabit,RAID 0,1,5,5+Spare,6,&10.w/2 Years Warranty(NO HDD INCLUDED)8  $520.87  +GST
 $599.00  inc GST
NASSYN04124SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS412+ 4-Bay NAS Server CPU:Dual Core 2.13GHz DDR3 1GB USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 1, eSATA x 1,Gigabit X 2, RAID 1,5,5+Spare,6 w/ 2 Years Warranty (NO HDD INCLUDED)0  $868.69  +GST
 $998.99  inc GST
NASSYN04100SYNOLOGY RX410 expansion server for RS810/RS810RP+, HDD not included with 5yrs local warranty0  $873.00  +GST
 $1,003.95  inc GST
NASSYN02147SYNOLOGY RackStation RS214 2-Bay NAS,12" Depth to Fit in 2-Post Rack & Wall Mount Rack2  $866.00  +GST
 $995.90  inc GST
NASSYN02144SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS214play 2-Bay NAS Server11  $520.87  +GST
 $599.00  inc GST
NASSYN02143SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS214+ 2-Bay NAS Server10  $546.96  +GST
 $629.00  inc GST
NASSYN02142SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS214 2-Bay NAS Server16  $433.91  +GST
 $499.00  inc GST
NASSYN02141SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS214se 2-Bay NAS Server11  $233.91  +GST
 $269.00  inc GST
NASSYN02135SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS213j 2-Bay NAS Server,CPU: 1.2GHz,DDR3 512MB,1 x Gigabit,2 x USB 2.0,Your Own Cloud Entertainment w/2 Years Warranty(NO HDD included)9  $303.48  +GST
 $349.00  inc GST
NASSYN02134SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS213+ 2-Bay NAS Server,CPU:1.067GHz Duo Core,DDR3 512MB,1xUSB 2.0,2xUSB 3.0,1x eSATA,1x SD card,1xGigabit,RAID 0&1.w/2 Years Warranty(NO HDD INCLUDED)1  $589.00  +GST
 $677.35  inc GST
NASSYN02131SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS213air 2-Bay NAs Server Built-in WiFi for Wireless Sharing,CPU:1.6GHz,DDR3 256MB,2X USB3.0,1X Gigabit,RAID 0&1 w/2 Years Warranty(NO HDD Included)20+  $460.00  +GST
 $529.00  inc GST
NASSYN02130SYNOLOGY DX213 2-Bay Expansion Unit for DS710+, DS712+, DS1010+, DS1511+, DS1512+&DS1812+ w/3 Years Warranty(NO HDD Included)3  $319.00  +GST
 $366.85  inc GST
NASSYN01142SYNOLOGY Diskstation DS114 1-Bay8  $320.87  +GST
 $369.00  inc GST
NASSYN01124SYNOLOGY Diskstation DS112+ 1-Bay11  $443.00  +GST
 $509.45  inc GST
NASSYN01122SYNOLOGY Diskstation DS112 1-Bay20+  $303.48  +GST
 $349.00  inc GST
NASSYN01120SYNOLOGY Diskstation DS112j 1-Bay NAS Server,CPU:1.0GHz,DDR2 128MB,USB 2.0 X 2,Gigabit X1,2 Years Warranty(NO HDD Included)8  $226.04  +GST
 $259.95  inc GST
NASSYN00140SYNOLOGY Diskstation EDS14 NAS Server,CPU:1.2GHz,DDR3 512MB,USB2.0 X 1, USB3.0 X 1, SD Card Reader, Gigabit Dual Lan20  $389.00  +GST
 $447.35  inc GST
 $251.85  inc GST
 $113.85  inc GST
NASSYN00017SYNOLOGY RKS1314 - Rail Kit Sliding: RS10613xs+, RS3413xs+, RS3412xs, RS3412RPxs, RS3411xs, RS3411RPxs, RS2212+, RS2212RP+, RS2211+, RS2211RP+, RX1213sas, RX1211, RX1211RP, RS812+, RS812RP+, RS812, RS810+, RS810RP+, RS411, RS409+, RS409RP+,1  $156.00  +GST
 $179.40  inc GST
NASSYN00016SYNOLOGY 1U Rail Kit Fixed: RS812+, RS812RP+, RS812, RS810+, RS810RP+, RS411, RS409+, RS409RP+, RS409, RX410, RX45  $102.00  +GST
 $117.30  inc GST
 $115.00  inc GST

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