Thanks to Matthew Chang for quick responsive e-mails! Great service, most recommended!
12 Sep 2014
Just wanted to leave a glowing testimonial for the web guys at PB Tech, especially Matthew Chang. He patiently and professionally answered all my questions (even the stupid ones). After a bit of miscommunication on my part, I received my new computer...
04 Sep 2014
I am writing this testimonial to recognise the exceptional service that Xing Loh offered me. I wanted an item that wasn't in stock for online bulk order so had an online chat with Xing. Very professional chat. Xing was able to beat the price...
25 Aug 2014
I was very very happy with the web sales department and especially the employee Xing Loh, who helped me heaps with my order and answered any questions I asked almost instantly :)
06 Aug 2014
We have just purchased a computer from the team at Henderson and are very happy with the store. From Sun, on the retail floor to Edward, in the technical department we received first class service. Thanks
27 Jul 2014
Prompt answer to my question, then when I'd ordered it was with me in less than 48hrs....what more could I ask? Thank you for customer service at its best :)
24 Jul 2014
We have been using PBTech now for 2 years and always had awesome service and quick responses. The web team have been great assisting my custom requirements, thanks Brett wellington and xing loh! pleasure dealing with you guys :)
23 Jul 2014
Product was just what we wanted and the delivery was excellent. I am impressed
21 Jul 2014
Thanks to Mark Stevens for promptly and courteously attending to a minor defect with a LogiTech Keyboard we purchased. This is the sort of service that keeps me coming back to PB :-)
17 Jul 2014
Kia ora John Thank you for your assistance today in Henderson. I appreciated your honesty and helpfulness in finalising the sale of the brother printer and inks. Kind regards Raewyn
15 Jul 2014
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INKHPD0563HP Ink Cartridge 61XL High capacity Black CH563WA100+100+   $34.87  +GST
 $40.10  inc GST
INKHPD9323HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Cyan CB323WA100+100+   $24.69  +GST
 $28.39  inc GST
INKHPD1231006HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Black CN684WA100+100+   $26.99  +GST
 $31.04  inc GST
INKHPD1811624HP Ink Cartridge 950XL High capacity Black CN045AA100+100+   $47.41  +GST
 $54.52  inc GST
INKHPD9325HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Yellow CB325WA100+100+   $24.69  +GST
 $28.39  inc GST
INKHPD0562HP Ink Cartridge 61 Tri-color CH562WA100+100+   $25.05  +GST
 $28.81  inc GST
INKHPD9324HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Magenta CB324WA100+100+   $24.69  +GST
 $28.39  inc GST
INKHPD1811645HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High Capacity Cyan CN046AA100+100+   $35.19  +GST
 $40.47  inc GST
INKHP1540500HP Ink Cartridge 61 Combo Pack100+100+   $38.11  +GST
 $43.83  inc GST
INKBRT1547778BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC73CL3PK Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 3 pack100+100+   $55.00  +GST
 $63.25  inc GST
INKCNN1025CANON Ink Cartridge PGI-35BK Black100+49   $14.95  +GST
 $17.19  inc GST
INKBRT137BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC137XLBK Black100+100+   $36.13  +GST
 $41.55  inc GST
INKBRT13304BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC133Y Yellow100+79   $21.95  +GST
 $25.24  inc GST
INKCNN6511CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651BK Black100+  $21.83  +GST
 $25.10  inc GST
INKCNN6513CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651M Magenta100+  $21.83  +GST
 $25.10  inc GST
INKBRT13301BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC133BK Black100100+   $32.20  +GST
 $37.03  inc GST
INKCNN6514CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651Y Yellow100  $21.83  +GST
 $25.10  inc GST
INKHPD1006080HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Cyan CD972AA100100+   $18.92  +GST
 $21.76  inc GST
INKHPD1811646HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High capacity Magenta CN047AA94100+   $35.19  +GST
 $40.47  inc GST
INKCNN6512CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651C Cyan93  $21.83  +GST
 $25.10  inc GST
INKCNN1737406CANON Ink Cartridge PG640 Black9215   $26.00  +GST
 $29.90  inc GST
INKHPD1811647HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High capacity Yellow CN048AA91100+   $35.19  +GST
 $40.47  inc GST
INKCNN6515CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651GY Grey89  $21.83  +GST
 $25.10  inc GST
INKCNN1036CANON Ink Cartridge PGI5BK Black88100+   $25.69  +GST
 $29.54  inc GST
INKCNN0510CANON Ink Cartridge PG510 Black85100+   $23.00  +GST
 $26.45  inc GST
INKHPD9351HP Ink Cartridge 21 Black C9351AA85100+   $21.76  +GST
 $25.02  inc GST
INKBRT13502BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLM Magenta8348   $32.37  +GST
 $37.23  inc GST
INKBRT1197191BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC39CL3PK Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 3 pack82100+   $42.00  +GST
 $48.30  inc GST
INKBRT13501BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLC Cyan8229   $32.37  +GST
 $37.23  inc GST
INKBRT13503BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLY Yellow8065   $32.37  +GST
 $37.23  inc GST
INKCNN1208608CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526BK photo Black79100+   $20.27  +GST
 $23.31  inc GST
INKHPD9320HP Ink Cartridge 564 Yellow CB320WA79100+   $13.14  +GST
 $15.11  inc GST
INKHPD9319HP Ink Cartridge 564 Magenta CB319WA73100+   $13.14  +GST
 $15.11  inc GST
INKHPD0564HP Ink Cartridge 61XL High capacity Tri-Color CH564WA73100+   $38.25  +GST
 $43.99  inc GST
INKHPD1006126HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Black CD975AA72100+   $36.00  +GST
 $41.40  inc GST
INKBRT1547775BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC73BK Black70100+   $26.87  +GST
 $30.90  inc GST
INKCNN1032CANON Ink Cartridge CLI8Y Yellow69100+   $25.69  +GST
 $29.54  inc GST
INKHPD9318HP Ink Cartridge 564 Cyan CB318WA69100+   $13.14  +GST
 $15.11  inc GST
INKCNN1208610CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526GY Grey Ink64100+   $20.27  +GST
 $23.31  inc GST
INKCNN1208613CANON Ink Cartridge PGI525BK PGI525PGBK Black64100+   $18.90  +GST
 $21.74  inc GST
INKBRT3805BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC38CL3PK Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 3 pack63100+   $43.15  +GST
 $49.62  inc GST
INKBRT6710BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC67HYM High capacity Magenta63  $36.07  +GST
 $41.48  inc GST
INKCNN1208609CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526C Cyan63100+   $20.27  +GST
 $23.31  inc GST
INKBRT6712BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC67HYBK High capacity Black60  $43.15  +GST
 $49.62  inc GST
INKCNN1040CANON Ink Cartridge PG40 Black60100+   $38.53  +GST
 $44.31  inc GST
INKBRT13504BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLCL3PK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow6079   $86.62  +GST
 $99.61  inc GST
INKBRT1547783BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC77XLC High capacity Cyan5847   $31.82  +GST
 $36.59  inc GST
INKHPD9326HP Ink Cartridge 564XL Photo Black CB322WA57100+   $24.69  +GST
 $28.39  inc GST

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