We have been using PBTech now for 2 years and always had awesome service and quick responses. The web team have been great assisting my custom requirements, thanks Brett wellington and xing loh! pleasure dealing with you guys :)
23 Jul 2014
Product was just what we wanted and the delivery was excellent. I am impressed
21 Jul 2014
Thanks to Mark Stevens for promptly and courteously attending to a minor defect with a LogiTech Keyboard we purchased. This is the sort of service that keeps me coming back to PB :-)
17 Jul 2014
Kia ora John Thank you for your assistance today in Henderson. I appreciated your honesty and helpfulness in finalising the sale of the brother printer and inks. Kind regards Raewyn
15 Jul 2014
Oops, submitted prematurely by mistake:) ...
10 Jul 2014
Re: I recently took my precious laptop in for copying everything from my desktop HDDs and USB's. I wish to praise your Tech staff, in particular Monica Walmsley. She handled all my queries with
10 Jul 2014
Fantastic service and follow-up from Xing Loh at PB, and super fast delivery. This on top of a great price ...we are very happy.
24 Jun 2014
A lap top was on "special" yesterday at Harvey Norman Manukau at around $1100. Same laptop at PB Tech = $600.
23 Jun 2014
Recently bought a new Gaming PC from PB Tech, received it today and am extremely happy with it. It has been built very clean with a heap of room and airflow and looks incredible. If I ever need anything computer related again I will be going to PB...
12 Jun 2014
Hi I wanted to take the time to bring your attention to two of your staff who "saved my bacon"! They went over and above my expectations on customer service and care. I had purchased an Acer Lap top at PB North Shore. Within the first couple o...
12 Jun 2014
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INKHPD1231006HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Black CN684WA100+100+   $25.35  +GST
 $29.15  inc GST
INKHPD0561HP Ink Cartridge 61 Black CH561WA100+100+   $18.62  +GST
 $21.41  inc GST
INKHPD9319HP Ink Cartridge 564 Magenta CB319WA100+100+   $12.34  +GST
 $14.19  inc GST
INKHPD9320HP Ink Cartridge 564 Yellow CB320WA100+100+   $12.34  +GST
 $14.19  inc GST
INKHPD9318HP Ink Cartridge 564 Cyan CB318WA100+100+   $12.34  +GST
 $14.19  inc GST
INKHPD9316HP Ink Cartridge 564 Black CB316WA100+100+   $14.83  +GST
 $17.05  inc GST
INKHPD9323HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Cyan CB323WA100+100+   $23.19  +GST
 $26.67  inc GST
INKHP1540500HP Ink Cartridge 61 Combo Pack100+100+   $35.00  +GST
 $40.25  inc GST
INKHPD1883359HP Ink Cartridge 932XL High capacity Black CN053AA100+100+   $41.61  +GST
 $47.85  inc GST
INKHPD9325HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Yellow CB325WA100+100+   $23.19  +GST
 $26.67  inc GST
INKHPD1883362HP Ink Cartridge 933XL High capacity Yellow CN056AA100+100+   $20.60  +GST
 $23.69  inc GST
INKBRT13301BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC133BK Black100+100+   $29.00  +GST
 $33.35  inc GST
INKHPD1883361HP Ink Cartridge 933XL High capacity Magenta CN055AA100+100+   $20.60  +GST
 $23.69  inc GST
INKCNN1025CANON Ink Cartridge PGI-35BK Black100+82   $14.30  +GST
 $16.45  inc GST
INKHPD9324HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Magenta CB324WA100+100+   $23.19  +GST
 $26.67  inc GST
INKHPD1883360HP Ink Cartridge 933XL High capacity Cyan CN054AA100+100+   $20.60  +GST
 $23.69  inc GST
INKCNN0510CANON Ink Cartridge PG510 Black100+100+   $24.38  +GST
 $28.04  inc GST
INKHPD1006082HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Yellow CD974AA100+100+   $17.77  +GST
 $20.44  inc GST
INKHPD1006126HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Black CD975AA100+100+   $35.54  +GST
 $40.87  inc GST
INKHPD0563HP Ink Cartridge 61XL High capacity Black CH563WA100+100+   $32.75  +GST
 $37.66  inc GST
INKCNN1737406CANON Ink Cartridge PG640 Black100+  $24.71  +GST
 $28.42  inc GST
INKHPD0562HP Ink Cartridge 61 Tri-color CH562WA100+100+   $23.52  +GST
 $27.05  inc GST
INKCNN6512CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651C Cyan100+  $20.34  +GST
 $23.39  inc GST
INKCNN6501CANON Ink Cartridge PGI650BK PGI650PGBK Pigment Black100  $20.34  +GST
 $23.39  inc GST
INKCNN1208613CANON Ink Cartridge PGI525BK PGI525PGBK Black100100+   $18.21  +GST
 $20.94  inc GST
INKHPD6300HP Ink Cartridge 21 Black and 22 Tri-colour combo pack CC630AA94100+   $37.38  +GST
 $42.99  inc GST
INKHPD1811624HP Ink Cartridge 950XL High capacity Black CN045AA91100+   $43.00  +GST
 $49.45  inc GST
INKCNN6511CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651BK Black90  $18.00  +GST
 $20.70  inc GST
INKCNN6513CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651M Magenta87  $20.34  +GST
 $23.39  inc GST
INKHPD1811646HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High capacity Magenta CN047AA86100+   $33.05  +GST
 $38.01  inc GST
INKHPD8721HP Ink Cartridge 02 Black C8721WA85100+   $25.67  +GST
 $29.52  inc GST
INKCNN6514CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651Y Yellow84  $20.34  +GST
 $23.39  inc GST
INKHPD1811647HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High capacity Yellow CN048AA83100+   $33.05  +GST
 $38.01  inc GST
INKHPD9241HP Ink Cartridge 940XL High capacity Black C4906AA80100+   $44.77  +GST
 $51.49  inc GST
INKHPD1006080HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Cyan CD972AA79100+   $17.77  +GST
 $20.44  inc GST
INKHPD1811645HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High Capacity Cyan CN046AA78100+   $33.05  +GST
 $38.01  inc GST
INKCNN1208609CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526C Cyan7766   $19.24  +GST
 $22.13  inc GST
INKCNN1057CANON Ink Cartridge PGI520BK Black76100+   $19.24  +GST
 $22.13  inc GST
INKHPD1006081HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Magenta CD973AA76100+   $17.77  +GST
 $20.44  inc GST
INKHPD8771HP Ink Cartridge 02 Cyan C8771WA7697   $13.72  +GST
 $15.78  inc GST
INKCNN1040CANON Ink Cartridge PG40 Black75100+   $36.57  +GST
 $42.06  inc GST
INKHPD9243HP Ink Cartridge 940XL High capacity Magenta C4908AA75100+   $30.79  +GST
 $35.41  inc GST
INKCNN1208608CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526BK photo Black7286   $19.24  +GST
 $22.13  inc GST
INKHPD9317HP Ink Cartridge 564 Photo Black CB317WA72100+   $12.34  +GST
 $14.19  inc GST
INKHPD8772HP Ink Cartridge 02 Magenta C8772WA72100+   $13.72  +GST
 $15.78  inc GST
INKCNN1032CANON Ink Cartridge CLI8Y Yellow7182   $24.38  +GST
 $28.04  inc GST
INKHPD6400HP Ink Cartridge 60 Black CC640WA71100+   $19.59  +GST
 $22.53  inc GST
INKHPD8773HP Ink Cartridge 02 Yellow C8773WA70100+   $13.72  +GST
 $15.78  inc GST

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