I would like to thank Justin for providing advice in the live chat during the Cyber Monday sale. The advice helped me choose a suitable computer to be built for my son and I am eagerly awaiting for the delivery of my products. ...
25 Nov 2014
Probably the realest and most genuine 'Salespeople' I've met work in PB Tech in Henderson. Whether the shop is quiet or crazy busy (like during their popular Black Friday Sale), the staff never cease to be attentive, and this includes...
24 Nov 2014
PB tech at Queen street branch are awesome. Very helpfull and friendly. Can not say the same about Penrose branch... Went there a couple of times and always had problems. Some of them do not even have patience. VERY disappointed with Penrose branch....
18 Nov 2014
On the Saturday the 15th November I was the proud owner of the Gigabyte laptop from your store, recommended by John Guo. Upon arriving home and booting the machine I discovered the horrid stuck blue pixel on the screen. I called back to your techn...
18 Nov 2014
I would like to thank technician Alex for his outstanding service on our business computer. He kept in constant contact explaining the problems and offering the best solutions. The fast turnaround meant we didn't lose any downtime. PB Tech rocks...
17 Nov 2014
Hi Lisa, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for your assistance last week. The tablet that I bought was actually a gift for my technically challenged mother, who celebrated her 75th birthday this weekend. Needless to say, s...
13 Nov 2014
excellent fast service each time !
28 Oct 2014
I have had the great pleasure of dealing with John Edwin for many years. Until my retirement I taught computing to beginners, usually folk who had obtained the first PC and needed help getting started. Over the years many approached me for help with...
21 Oct 2014
Hi Xing, Thanks for your quick and professional service. Will definitely come back to you for more purchases.
16 Oct 2014
Incredibly helpful online and phone customer service. Fast and well packaged delivery. Put an order in Monday night, processed Tuesday, and arrived early Wednesday morning even in a rural town. Thanks guys. Well done Matthew!
15 Oct 2014
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INKHPD0563HP Ink Cartridge 61XL High capacity Black CH563WA100+100+   $34.87  +GST
 $40.10  inc GST
INKHPD1811624HP Ink Cartridge 950XL High capacity Black CN045AA100+  $47.41  +GST
 $54.52  inc GST
INKHPD1811645HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High Capacity Cyan CN046AA100+100+   $35.19  +GST
 $40.47  inc GST
INKHPD1811646HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High capacity Magenta CN047AA100+95   $35.19  +GST
 $40.47  inc GST
INKHPD1231006HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Black CN684WA100+100+   $26.99  +GST
 $31.04  inc GST
INKHPD1811647HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High capacity Yellow CN048AA100+100+   $35.19  +GST
 $40.47  inc GST
INKHPD0564HP Ink Cartridge 61XL High capacity Tri-Color CH564WA100+  $38.25  +GST
 $43.99  inc GST
INKCNN1025CANON Ink Cartridge PGI-35BK Black8199   $14.95  +GST
 $17.19  inc GST
INKCNN6515CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651GY Grey75  $21.83  +GST
 $25.10  inc GST
INKEPA1054EPSON Ink Cartridge 73N Yellow C13T1054927331   $17.20  +GST
 $19.78  inc GST
INKBRT13502BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLM Magenta7336   $32.37  +GST
 $37.23  inc GST
INKCNN1208609CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526C Cyan72100+   $20.27  +GST
 $23.31  inc GST
INKCNN0510CANON Ink Cartridge PG510 Black69100+   $24.35  +GST
 $28.00  inc GST
INKBRT13501BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLC Cyan6937   $32.37  +GST
 $37.23  inc GST
INKBRT13503BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLY Yellow6848   $32.37  +GST
 $37.23  inc GST
INKCNN1737406CANON Ink Cartridge PG640 Black67  $26.00  +GST
 $29.90  inc GST
INKBRT13304BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC133Y Yellow65100+   $21.95  +GST
 $25.24  inc GST
INKBRT1547778BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC73CL3PK Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 3 pack64100+   $55.00  +GST
 $63.25  inc GST
INKHPD1006082HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Yellow CD974AA64100+   $18.92  +GST
 $21.76  inc GST
INKEPA1052EPSON Ink Cartridge 73N Cyan C13T10529263  $17.20  +GST
 $19.78  inc GST
INKBRT6710BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC67HYM High capacity Magenta62  $36.07  +GST
 $41.48  inc GST
INKBRT137BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC137XLBK Black61100+   $36.13  +GST
 $41.55  inc GST
INKEPA1051EPSON Ink Cartridge 73N Black C13T1051926063   $17.20  +GST
 $19.78  inc GST
INKCNN1208613CANON Ink Cartridge PGI525BK PGI525PGBK Black59100+   $18.90  +GST
 $21.74  inc GST
INKCNN0513CANON Ink Cartridge CL513 High capacity Tri Colour58100+   $39.20  +GST
 $45.08  inc GST
INKBRT6712BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC67HYBK High capacity Black56  $43.15  +GST
 $49.62  inc GST
INKCNN1208611CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526M Magenta56100+   $20.27  +GST
 $23.31  inc GST
INKEPA1053EPSON Ink Cartridge 73N Magenta C13T10539255  $17.20  +GST
 $19.78  inc GST
INKCNN6511CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651BK Black52  $21.83  +GST
 $25.10  inc GST
INKHPD0561HP Ink Cartridge 61 Black CH561WA52100+   $19.83  +GST
 $22.80  inc GST
INKCNN1036CANON Ink Cartridge PGI5BK Black51100+   $25.69  +GST
 $29.54  inc GST
INKCNN0511CANON Ink Cartridge CL511 Tri Colour46100+   $31.08  +GST
 $35.74  inc GST
INKCNN1057CANON Ink Cartridge PGI520BK Black45100+   $20.27  +GST
 $23.31  inc GST
INKBRT13504BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLCL3PK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow45100+   $86.62  +GST
 $99.61  inc GST
INKBRT3805BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC38CL3PK Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 3 pack4474   $43.15  +GST
 $49.62  inc GST
INKHPD9323HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Cyan CB323WA44100+   $24.69  +GST
 $28.39  inc GST
INKHPD9325HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Yellow CB325WA44100+   $24.69  +GST
 $28.39  inc GST
INKHPD9351HP Ink Cartridge 21 Black C9351AA44100+   $21.76  +GST
 $25.02  inc GST
INKHPD9242HP Ink Cartridge 940XL High capacity Cyan C4907AA43100+   $32.79  +GST
 $37.71  inc GST
INKCNN1068CANON Ink Cartridge CLI521M Magenta42100+   $20.27  +GST
 $23.31  inc GST
INKBRT1197191BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC39CL3PK Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 3 pack42100+   $42.00  +GST
 $48.30  inc GST
INKHPD9326HP Ink Cartridge 564XL Photo Black CB322WA41100+   $24.69  +GST
 $28.39  inc GST
INKBRT13301BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC133BK Black41100+   $32.20  +GST
 $37.03  inc GST
INKCNN0512CANON Ink Cartridge PG512 High capacity Black40100+   $37.17  +GST
 $42.75  inc GST
INKHPD8721HP Ink Cartridge 02 Black C8721WA39100+   $27.34  +GST
 $31.44  inc GST
INKCNN2485225CANON Ink Cartridge PG645XL High Yield Black PG645XLOCN3952   $31.00  +GST
 $35.65  inc GST
INKHPD1883362HP Ink Cartridge 933XL High capacity Yellow CN056AA39100+   $21.93  +GST
 $25.22  inc GST
INKBRT3800BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC38BK Black38100+   $25.45  +GST
 $29.27  inc GST

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