i purchased the samsung galaxy s4 mini and wow ...
26 Feb 2015
very good service received from Nathan at the Hamilton store. Went in for a replacement laptop battery, and got the item quick as, no fuss. Thanks very much
22 Feb 2015
Very efficient communication and handling of my computer. The crew assembled it and delivered it at what seemed like record times. Computer is amazing and scored an amazing deal, thank you!
18 Feb 2015
I purchased a Webcam a couple of weeks ago. The order was done in the afternoon from Tauranga and the goods arrived two days later in the morning. That was impressive because it is a rural residential are and normally takes an extra day's...
18 Feb 2015
Thank YOU! Your service was outstanding, the scanner is awesome, I'm a very happy customer! Will definitely recommend and use you guys again
05 Feb 2015
reading through some of the testimonials I'm adding a big thumbs up for PB Tech. I've been to Queen Street, Penrose and Henderson stores. I have experienced helpful and friendly service from all of them. The staff seemed genuinely...
20 Jan 2015
I had ordered a desktop, monitor and other stuff during the Boxing Day sale. It took a very long time for the Web team to process (nearly 2 weeks) and I was getting a bit anxious. So I got in contact with Xing Loh and he processed my order so quick...
15 Jan 2015
Still the best for well priced tech gear, and a returns policy that is generous and fair. I've been buying all my gear from them for about 8 years.
03 Jan 2015
Hi, My mum and I came in and purchased a range of products from the Henderson store yesterday. We were served by Sonya. I wanted to say that I was beyond impressed by Sonya. She was helpful, informative and funny. I have never been so impressed by...
22 Dec 2014
I've been to the north shore branch this afternoon to get help with a power cable for my laptop, first I asked one of the staff and he pointed me toward service department.. in service I death with Mason and Alex, very helpful to see that they...
10 Dec 2014
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INKBRT13301BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC133BK Black100+100+   $34.96  +GST
 $40.20  inc GST
INKBRT13304BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC133Y Yellow100+100+   $24.04  +GST
 $27.65  inc GST
INKBRT13303BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC133M Magenta100+73   $24.04  +GST
 $27.65  inc GST
INKHPD1883359HP Ink Cartridge 932XL High capacity Black CN053AA100+100+   $45.46  +GST
 $52.28  inc GST
INKBRT13302BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC133C Cyan100+90   $24.04  +GST
 $27.65  inc GST
INKHPD1231006HP Ink Cartridge 564XL High capacity Black CN684WA100+100+   $27.70  +GST
 $31.86  inc GST
INKHPD9320HP Ink Cartridge 564 Yellow CB320WA100100+   $13.48  +GST
 $15.50  inc GST
INKBRT13305BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC133CL3PK Cyan,Magenta,Yellow93100+   $62.67  +GST
 $72.07  inc GST
INKHPD9319HP Ink Cartridge 564 Magenta CB319WA88100+   $13.48  +GST
 $15.50  inc GST
INKHPD1811624HP Ink Cartridge 950XL High capacity Black CN045AA80100+   $48.66  +GST
 $55.96  inc GST
INKHPD1811645HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High Capacity Cyan CN046AA79100+   $36.11  +GST
 $41.53  inc GST
INKHPD1811646HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High capacity Magenta CN047AA79100+   $36.11  +GST
 $41.53  inc GST
INKBRT13504BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLCL3PK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow66100+   $90.39  +GST
 $103.95  inc GST
INKHPD1006081HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Magenta CD973AA66100+   $20.39  +GST
 $23.45  inc GST
INKHPD1006080HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Cyan CD972AA65100+   $20.39  +GST
 $23.45  inc GST
INKBRT1547778BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC73CL3PK Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 3 pack63100+   $56.84  +GST
 $65.37  inc GST
INKBRT1197188BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC39BK Black62100+   $26.21  +GST
 $30.14  inc GST
INKHPD9318HP Ink Cartridge 564 Cyan CB318WA61100+   $13.48  +GST
 $15.50  inc GST
INKCNN1025CANON Ink Cartridge PGI-35BK Black6053   $14.89  +GST
 $17.12  inc GST
INKBRT6710BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC67HYM High capacity Magenta59  $34.96  +GST
 $40.20  inc GST
INKCNN1208609CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526C Cyan59100+   $19.41  +GST
 $22.32  inc GST
INKHPD1006126HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Black CD975AA58100+   $40.77  +GST
 $46.89  inc GST
INKCNN1208613CANON Ink Cartridge PGI525BK PGI525PGBK Black57100+   $19.41  +GST
 $22.32  inc GST
INKHPD1006082HP Ink Cartridge 920XL High capacity Yellow CD974AA57100+   $20.39  +GST
 $23.45  inc GST
INKEPA1054EPSON Ink Cartridge 73N Yellow C13T1054925656   $18.46  +GST
 $21.23  inc GST
INKBRT1197191BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC39CL3PK Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 3 pack54100+   $40.07  +GST
 $46.08  inc GST
INKHPD1811647HP Ink Cartridge 951XL High capacity Yellow CN048AA5075   $36.11  +GST
 $41.53  inc GST
INKCNN0512CANON Ink Cartridge PG512 High capacity Black48100+   $34.13  +GST
 $39.25  inc GST
INKCNN6513CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651M Magenta48  $19.20  +GST
 $22.08  inc GST
INKBRT13502BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLM Magenta4852   $33.51  +GST
 $38.54  inc GST
INKCNN6511CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651BK Black47  $18.00  +GST
 $20.70  inc GST
INKHPD9351HP Ink Cartridge 21 Black C9351AA47100+   $23.45  +GST
 $26.97  inc GST
INKHPD1883360HP Ink Cartridge 933XL High capacity Cyan CN054AA45100+   $22.50  +GST
 $25.88  inc GST
INKHPD1883362HP Ink Cartridge 933XL High capacity Yellow CN056AA45100+   $22.50  +GST
 $25.88  inc GST
INKCNN1208611CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526M Magenta43100+   $19.41  +GST
 $22.32  inc GST
INKBRT1547775BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC73BK Black42100+   $30.60  +GST
 $35.19  inc GST
INKCNN1208608CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526BK photo Black42100   $19.41  +GST
 $22.32  inc GST
INKBRT6712BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC67HYBK High capacity Black41  $48.09  +GST
 $55.30  inc GST
INKBRT13501BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLC Cyan4140   $33.51  +GST
 $38.54  inc GST
INKEPA0111EPSON Ink Cartridge 81N Black C13T1111924086   $26.56  +GST
 $30.54  inc GST
INKHPD1883361HP Ink Cartridge 933XL High capacity Magenta CN055AA40100+   $22.50  +GST
 $25.88  inc GST
INKCNN1067CANON Ink Cartridge CLI521C Cyan3954   $18.62  +GST
 $21.41  inc GST
INKHPD9316HP Ink Cartridge 564 Black CB316WA39100+   $16.20  +GST
 $18.63  inc GST
INKHPD8721HP Ink Cartridge 02 Black C8721WA38100+   $29.46  +GST
 $33.88  inc GST
INKBRT1547783BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC77XLC High capacity Cyan3852   $32.79  +GST
 $37.71  inc GST
INKBRT13503BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC135XLY Yellow3768   $33.51  +GST
 $38.54  inc GST
INKBRT1057574BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC67HYBK2PK High capacity Black 2 pack3726   $88.92  +GST
 $102.26  inc GST
INKBRT137BROTHER Ink Cartridge LC137XLBK Black36100+   $37.88  +GST
 $43.56  inc GST

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